A New Twist From a Classic German Camera Company

More than 70 years ago, in a little town called Riga in Latvia, a photographer carved a piece of wood that was so small, it fitted in the palm of his hand.

The man’s name was Walter Zapp, and he was on his way to creating the world’s first subminiature camera.

The idea was to have a camera so small, so inconspicuous, it could be taken everywhere and anywhere. Because of its size, the Minox quickly gained notoriety as a spy camera.

Today the company manufactures world class photographic and optical equipment, but especially surveillance cameras as well as a wide range of wireless hunting game camera options.

What Makes a Quality Game Camera?

If you’re new to game cameras there are a few basic features you should consider when buying one. These include:

Fast Trigger Speed

Trigger speed is the time it takes from when an animal can be seen in the frame to the moment the photo is taken. Some cameras can take one or two seconds to trigger, which is fine if you’re at a bait station.

However, if you’re using the camera on a trail, slow trigger speed will leave you with pictures of animals’ butts, rather than their heads.

Long Battery Life

Battery life is a major consideration. You want your camera to be able to take as many photos as possible before the batteries run out. You also need to think about the size of the batteries your camera will use.

For example, a trail camera that uses AA batteries to take 20,000 photos will cost less to use than one that uses 4 D batteries that takes 3,000 images.

Multiple Photo Settings

Photo settings is another essential feature when choosing a wildlife camera. There are cameras that only take a photo when there’s movement and they only take one picture every second.

This is going to be a waste of time if an animal walks into frame and isn’t in the correct position.

On the other hand, a camera that takes a few photos per second is a much better option.

Minox Wildlife Cameras Reviewed  

Nowadays, Minox cameras are used for sports and hunting, and more specifically to check what type of game inhabits certain areas and for surveillance. Let’s take at some of the top Minox wildlife cameras.

DTC 1100

MINOX DTC 1000 Scope
  • Quality tested and designed in Germany
  • Used by professionals or recreational users worldwide
  • Redesigning the optics industry with its incredible Focus and accuracy
  • Includes mounting strap

The MINOX DTC 1100 features smart network functionality with 4G and GSM features that lets you send files via MMS or mail to an email address.

What this means is you’re not only camera-ready when you’re in the field, you’re also ready to respond to the situation from wherever you are.

The DTC 1100 is protected by a durable body that’s weather resistant and the sturdy plastic casing also keeps cold, heat, dust and water out. Should you need it, there is anti-theft security box which is available as an optional extra.

Whether you’re a professional or an enthusiastic newbie, it’s the perfect way to monitor, and report, on wildlife.

DTC 600

MINOX DTC 600 Trail Camera, Camouflage
  • Black filter for discrete Use
  • UP to 8 megapixel resolution
  • Convenient 2 inch
  • Password Protection
  • UP to 3 picture series and videos up to 30 seconds

The DTC 600 is the perfect piece of equipment if you take photos in unfavorable lighting conditions or in the evening.

The camera has a Minoctar lens and an infrared flash with a range of 15 meters that lets you take consistent pictures regardless of the lighting and other external factors.

The DTC 600 is the result of Minox listening to suggestions from users to tailor-make a camera that suits your needs.

For example, the black filter that covers the infrared flash means it’s invisible to animals or people. This allows you to take photos discreetly.

The exciting feature of the DTC 600 is that the camera can be easily and quickly removed from the modular housing.

DTC 550

MINOX DTC 550 12MP 1080p Full HD High-Performance Wildlife and Outdoor Surveillance Digital Camera with Splash & Weatherproof Housing
  • HD Photo/Video capability with auto exposure and an ultra-fast .04 second trigger speed
  • IR-Blackflash 940 nm (invisible to animals) with a 49 ft. effective range
  • Convenient integrated 2.4 TFT color monitor for field viewing
  • Extended battery storage of up to 6 months
  • Date, Time, Temp and Moon Phase Stamp

The DTC 550 from Minox has a 5-megapixel sensor and delivers high-quality images with perfect definition, day or night. The camera is also able to record videos in full HD resolution and there is a variable time-lapse mode that allows you to speed up motion sequence recordings.

Like the DTC 700, the 550 has an infrared flash that lets you take photos in less than perfect lighting conditions or in the evening, and the black filter over the flash means it’s invisible to people or animals.

The fast shutter release of 0.4 seconds and the dormant battery life of 6 months makes this an exceptional camera for anyone looking for reliability and perfect images.


MINOX DTC 450 Trail Cam - The Slimmest Most Unobtrusive Weatherproof Wildlife and Outdoor Surveillance Camera with Polycarbonate Housing
  • HD Photo/ Video capability with auto exposure and <1-second trigger speed
  • IR-Blackflash 940 nm (invisible to animals) with a 49 ft. effective range
  • Convenient integrated 2" TFT color monitor for field viewing
  • Extended battery storage of up to 6 months
  • Date, Time, Temp and Moon Phase Stamp

Dynamite definitely comes in small packages. The DTC 450 SLIM is one of Minox’s most compact camera that can be mounted on trees without it being seen, making it the obvious choice for covert operations in the wild.

The 450 SLIM has a resolution of 12 megapixels, giving you quality images with high contrast, incredibly sharp detail and color rendition that’s natural. It can record videos in HD resolution, from 10 seconds all the way to 60. The infrared flash has a range of 15 meters and works well even in the evening.

DTC 390

MINOX DTC 390 Compact Wildlife Camera - Weatherproof - Surveillance Camera with 2.4" TFT Color Monitor and HD Video Resolution.
  • IR-Blackflash 940 nm (invisible to animals) with a 49 ft. effective range
  • Convenient integrated 2.4" TFT color monitor for field viewing
  • HD Video capability with integrated microphone
  • Fast 1-second trigger speed with auto exposure
  • Date, Time, Temp and Moon Phase Stamp

The DTC 390 is Minox’s entry-level camera that offers reliability, quality and durability. It’s ideal for all kinds of concealed observations. It is fitted with a 5-megapixel sensor and delivers high-definition images with rich contrasts day or night.

The DTC 390 is able to take photos or record videos and has a short shutter delay (less than one second). The camera boasts a battery life of 6 months.

Data is stored on an SD card, that can be displayed on the 2.4-inch screen or it can be transferred using a USB port to a TV or a computer. You can also password protect the camera to stop any unauthorized access.

This is the line’s most compact camera with intuitive navigation and is the perfect piece of equipment that can be used both indoors and out to trail game.


Minox takes great pride in setting milestones when it comes to user-friendly and innovative wildlife cameras. Their dedication to delivering the very best photographic experience, means you, the customer benefits.

With Minox’s wildlife surveillance cameras, you can leave it for weeks or months in a field, knowing it’s weather resistant and robust and will withstand the most extreme conditions.

In the end, these cameras are all great solutions to turn to if you are looking to capture anything wild or outdoors.

MINOX wildlife cameras – revealing nature’s treasures.

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