Best Minox Rifle Scopes | Editors Choice

Minox Rifle Scopes Compared

Minox started off manufacturing cameras and has become synonymous with the very best in German engineering. The very first product was a subminiature camera, which was produced in 1936.

To this day the company provides cameras as well as rifle scopes, spotting scopes, binoculars, night vision binoculars, macroscopes and monoculars that combine flawless design and exceptional quality German made products are known for around the world.

The “secret sauce” to Minox’s success is their glass optical lenses. This has differentiated all of their products from their early film cameras to rifle scopes. When it comes to optics it’s all about the quality of the glass lens inside the unit. Everything else are just complimentary add-ons to enhance the core quality of the lens unit.

The first thing most people need to think about before purchasing a rifle scope is the intended use of said scope. Top 3 uses fall into the falling categories:

  • Self-defense: These scopes include hand guns, rifles, even crossbows. You want something small, light and efficient
  • Target practice: If you are a professional sport shooter you know the distances you compete in and thus search for a matching magnification level. Also stationary or mobile competing will have an impact on scope type in terms of size and weight.
  • Hunting: Hunting is similar to target practice shooters in you will often narrow down scope choices based on type of game being hunted. Small game targets require different magnification levels than big game or more dangerous game which requires better magnification/greater distance.

After listening to users comments and suggestions, Minox has created rifle scopes with features hunters want the most. They are designed in Germany and assembled in the United States. The scopes are made from a aircraft-grade anodized aluminum with 1-inch mono-tube construction for quick and easy low-profile mounting.

Everything about Minox rifle scopes meets, and exceeds, the standards of the uncompromising hunter and shooter.

Qualities of Good Rifle Scopes    

It’s easy to get caught up in the jargon of rifle scopes and to spend as much money as possible on the best. But what makes a rifle scope a good one and what should you consider when buying one?

Years ago, the metallic sights that were positioned on rifles were more difficult to aim with than what’s available today. Over time hunters have realized that when it comes to a rifle scope, simplicity is key. But you do need to decide what you want it to do. When purchasing a new rifle scope, you need to consider:

The type of shooter you are – are you a long-distance shooter?

  1. Do you often shoot in low light?
  2. Do you take shorter range shots?
  3. Also, how much you want to spend?

Minox offers high-tech rifle scopes with uncompromising design and performance with an emphasis on precision. The products are made using a special glass, premium lens coatings and a precision-designed optical system. When you choose a rifle scope from Minox you know you’re getting a product you can trust.

Most Popular Minox Scopes Reviewed  

In their commitment to bring you the very best products, all Minox tactical scopes are made with the company’s core values in mind – quality, precision, solidity, and longevity – and are manufactured to meet and exceed the highest standards.

The following scope models are listed in descending order in terms of price and how they are billed as “professional” down to “beginner”. Every experienced shooter though knows price does not always mean “better”, and other shooters know that sometimes cheaper options get the job done just fine.

Again, scope selection comes down to the primary intended use of the unit. If you’re going on camping trips, throwing gear in the back of a UTV (utility all-terrain vehicle) and getting drunk hunting wild boar with your buddies you probably don’t to be brining along a competition-grade multi thousand dollar unit.

However if you are a competitive shooter, do sport shooting on a regular basis or have speciality game you hunt then it may make more sense to invest in a higher priced unit with top magnification and accessory features.

Shop the scope that suites your situation, not the scope that costs the most or is the most “shiny”. Be pragmatic.

For the Professional: The ZP TAC

The ZP TAC rifle scopes from Minox, with their in-field features, provide reliability in the harshest conditions and meet a number of mechanical MIL and optical standards, including shock and temperature resistance. Features on the ZP TAC include:

  • 34 mm solid tube that’s made from aircraft-grade aluminum
  • Shock resistant construction
  • Large field of view
  • Large eye relieve at 3.5 inches (90mm)
  • Special glass that provides excellent image quality, even at the edges of field of view
  • An adjustable diopter
  • An illuminated reticle with automatic deactivation after 3 or 6 hours
  • It is waterproof to 49 ft.
  • Fogproof
  • Reticles: MR10, MR10+, MR5, MR2, Mildot, A8-D
  • MSRP starting around $2,899

For the Aspiring Professional: The ZE-i

Minox’s ZE-I range of rifle scopes combine solid mechanics with German precision to bring you the very best optical sight.

  • 5x magnification for precision and flexibility
  • 30 mm tube
  • Increased safety with100 mm eye distance
  • Reticle with a red dot with 11 levels of adjustable brightness
  • Large field of view
  • It has an automatic Power-Off
  • Quick adjusting rubber-coated ocular
  • There is a spare battery built into the adjustment tower
  • Shock-resistant aluminum housing
  • High-grade Argon gas stops fogging
  • Fog-free and waterproof internal lens
  • Available with Minox Z-Rail
  • Reticles: Dot, BDC, German #4
  • MSRP starting around $1,650

For the Best of Both Worlds: The ZX5

With the ZX5 Minox has once set the standard in quality, reliability, and precision. The line offers 5x magnification while the 30 mm tube offers precision and flexibility for long and short range distances.

The new ZX5 Minox rifle scopes are available with or without illuminated reticle for hunting in evening conditions and lets you concentrate on the target. The large field of view ensures reliable and quick aiming.

The scopes have a smooth power adjustment with a rubber-armored eyepiece that is easy to adjust and focuses on the target quickly and precisely. It has an extended eye relief of 100 mm which is perfect for people who wear glasses or when using larger calibers. For additional protection, the ZX5 scopes have a shock-resistant body and fogging and corrosion are stopped with the Argon gas.

Solid aluminum construction makes for great shock resistance and thus makes this a highly mobile-friendly scope option for those who have to move around and occasionally “get a little dirty”.

Features include:

  • Large field of view for quick and easy aiming and acquisition
  • 5x magnification for precision and flexibility
  • The high-tech optical glass gives excellent light transmission and image quality
  • Maximum clarity and sharpness regardless of the light conditions
  • Reticle at 2nd focal plane
  • Variable reticle lighting for precise aiming
  • The position sensor deactivates the light automatically
  • Increased safety with 10 cm of eye relief
  • Parallax compensation
  • 30mm tube
  • Quick adjusting ocular
  • Shock and scratch resistant aluminum housing
  • Fog-free and waterproof internal lens

Best Value Without Compromise: The ZL3

The ZL3 range of Minox rifle scopes combines reliable mechanics with exceptional optical performance to bring you the finest piece of hunting gear. It has a 1-inch tube and 3x zoom range as well as 3x zoom range and multi-coated lenses.

Again, with an aluminum housing made of aeorspace-grade metal makes for a very shock-resistant unit and thus a highly mobile unit. The ZL3 is famous for it’s incredible price-to-value ratio, as they can be found online for around $300 USD. This is a great entry-level option for those getting into shooting or a good affordable option for someone who beats the hell out of their equipment.

Features of the ZL3 line include:

  • Fully multi-coated lenses
  • 1-inch tube and 3x magnification
  • Safe eye relief
  • Reticle ar 2nd focal plane
  • It is nitrogen purged to stop fogging
  • It is waterproof
  • Anodized aluminum tube
  • Excellent elevation
  • Reticle: PLEX

Best Performing Budget Option: The ZV

The ZV range of Minox scopes offers a quality piece of gear for any hunter in any situation. They come with a multi-coated lens, 3x zoom range, and a 1-inch tube. And as is always the case with Minox, precise German engineering and optical performance combine perfectly with this product.

The ZV is one of the best entry-level scopes currently on the market as it successfully combines the quality of Minox glass with a small, simple, compact form at a very VERY friendly price point. These scopes can be had regularly for just over $100 USD which makes it a steal given the quality behind the Minox brand.

Whether as a gift for a beginner shooter or if you just need a sturdy trusty scope to put on your hog hunting gun that you won’t be afraid of swinging around your shoulder and running through thick cover with then the Minox ZV line is perfect for you.

Features of the ZV range include:

  • Excellent mechanics and optical performance
  • 3x magnification
  • 1-inch tube
  • Safe, long eye relief
  • Lightweight aviation grade aluminum
  • Reticle at 2nd plane
  • Nitrogen purged to reduce fogging
  • Waterproof
  • Reticles: BDC 400, PLEX