Minox Top Optics Compared

Minox is a world-leader when it comes to Optics. Their monoculars, binoculars, rifle scopes, spotting scopes, night vision binoculars as well as macroscopes offer stylish and compact design paired with incredible performance.

Minox Rifle Scopes

Minox rifle scopes are made to meet the highest standards. Their range includes:


The ZP TAC range of rifle scopes offers the very best in reliability with their in-field focused features.

Engineered to exacting optical and mechanical MIL standards, even under the most extreme conditions, they are water, shock, and temperature resistant.


Minox combines reliable mechanics with their renowned precision to bring you the ZE-i.

Using decades of German engineering expertise and the highest quality materials, these rifle scopes are the epitome of everything Minox stands for.


The 30 mm tube and 5x magnification of the ZX5 offers maximum precision and flexibility for long and short range shooting.

They are available with or without illuminated reticle, which means they can be used at night or less-than-perfect lighting conditions.


The ZL3 line of rifle scopes come equipped with a 1-inch tube, 3x zoom range as well as multi-coated lenses to meet the exacting demands in any situation. Hunters looking for a quality piece of equipment will appreciate the superb optical performance and reliable mechanics.


The ZV range includes entry level rifle scopes aimed at a wider market, as well as high-end scopes. With a 3x zoom range, 1-inch tube, and multi-coated lenses, they are the perfect solution in any type of situation.

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MINOX binoculars successfully combine the company’s values – precision, quality, longevity, and solidity – with the very best in optical performance and design. While we give an outline of the top models below we go into much more detail in our binoculars roundup post 

HG Line  

The High-Grade Sports Optics line delivers on performance in all areas. They provide exceptional light transmission including contrast and brightness and meet all expectations. The HG range is German engineering at its finest.

BL Line  

The BL HD line of binoculars includes a unique partial dispersion HD glass that gives the user a glare-free image without color fringes.

Also, the open bridge and lightweight design ensure easy one-handed operation that’s comfortable in any situation.

BV Line  

The BV range of binoculars offers consumers an excellent performance to price ratio and is excellent value for money. The line is aimed at a wider target market that wants quality but is also price conscious.

The rugged body and exceptional optical performance make this a reliable choice in the harshest of conditions.

BF Line  

The BF 8×42 and 10×42 showcases Minox’s performance and design features they are synonymous with and are an affordable entry into the company’s Sport Optics range.

The multi-coated lenses reduce reflections while phase corrected coatings ensure an image with high contrast and excellent details.

BD Line  

If you’re looking for a pair of binoculars that are suitable for traveling, then the BD line is the obvious choice. Whether you’re hiking, sailing or sightseeing, the rugged and compact design of Minox’s BD line makes these the perfect travel companions.

The optical system ensures excellent detail rendition and high image contrast.

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Spotting Scopes  

Spotting scopes are an essential piece of equipment for observing game, as well as flora and fauna. Whether it’s a flower, bird, insect or animals, Minox spotting scopes are designed to work in any lighting conditions with excellent results.

MD 60 Z & MD 80 Z  

After numerous requests from nature lovers and hunters, Minox launched launched a range of spotting scopes, namely the MD 60 Z and the MD 80 Z.

They are 20% shorter than traditional scopes and offer even more flexibility and mobility. The scopes come fitted with an adjustable eyepiece for 12-40 or 20-60 times magnification.

MD 62 & MD 62 W  

There are times when binoculars don’t offer the necessary magnification. In situations like these, the Minox MD 62 and MD 62 W are the perfect substitutes. They feature state-of-the-art fluoride glass with excellent light transmission and neutral color rendition.

MD 50 & MD 50 W  

The MD 50 and MD 50 W spotting scopes boast a compact design, a variable power optical system and high precision mechanics. They have a magnification range of 15x to 30x and are ideal for observing wildlife in every type of situation.


Night Vision  

The night vision line of products offers ultra-compact design with German engineering for the best possible performance at night.

NV 351  

The NV 351 has a 2.5x magnification that lets you see objects up 70 meters in the sharpest detail while the powerful light amplifier lights up the darkest conditions. They are ideal for safe orientation in the lowest light situations

NVD mini  

The NVD mini offers a compact and ergonomic design for easy handling. The infrared diodes ensure images are picked up by the sensitive infrared CMOS sensor, which is then projected onto a digital screen.



MS 8×25

The Minox MS 8×25 is perfect for observing objects like insects and flowers at close range with a close-focus distance of 14-inches. The pocket-sized telescope can also be used for better views at concerts. It also doubles up as a visual aid for those with impaired sight.



Minox monoculars are perfect for people who want to see everything but don’t want to be inconvenienced with carrying heavy equipment around.

MD 7×42 C  

The compact and lightweight design of the MD 7×2 C has a built-in compass for easy navigation when you’re on the go. The monocular’s wide field of view, 7x magnification and optical excellent make them the perfect travel companion, wherever you are.

MD 6×16 / MD 8×16 Series  

For those moments when you can’t use binoculars, the MD 6×16 A is the perfect solution. They are small in size but big on performance and very easy to use. The built-in altimeter lets you measure altitudes of objects above a fixed level.


Surveillance Cameras      

The Minox DTC range of surveillance cameras has a black filter in front of the IR flash that makes them undetectable to people and animals.

We outline the models below and differentiate what makes them unique but for a full understanding of the full Minox wireless line be sure to visit our complete comparison post for the full rundown.

DTC 1100

The DTC 1100 has a plug-and-play feature that lets you send images directly from the camera to an MMS or email address while you’re in the field.

DTC 700          

The DTC 700 is a combination of feedback from users and quality German engineering and features modular housing that makes the camera particularly easy to install.

DTC 550          

The DTC 550 captures video recordings in full HD resolution and also features a new variable time lapse mode designed for speeding up the long-term recording of motion sequences. The invisible infrared flash means you can take photos discreetly at distances up to 15 meters.

DTC 450 SLIM  

The DTC 450 SLIM, as the name suggests, is ultra-slim with a contoured design that allows you to mount it onto almost any tree without it being detected. This is the perfect camera for any kind of covert operations.

DTC 390  

Of all Minox cameras, the DTC 390 is the most compact. It offers the user intuitive menu navigation, a battery life of up to 6 months as well as a fast shutter release. It is reliable for both indoor and outdoor use.

The camera is available in three color choices – green, woodland, and grey camouflage to suit different habitats.

Minox Optics brings you the finest German engineering and commitment to quality. Whatever your needs, there’s a product for you.

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