Contact Us

So, you want to “make contact”?

We are regularly a secretive bunch, we all have day jobs and private lives so we try to keep as compartmentalized as possible.

However, for the sake of this site’s health, and out of sense of duty to support our community, we have created this contact page for you to contact us on an “as needed” basis.

***Please be aware, we use no message encryption for general contact form inquiries/messages.***

What does “As Needed” mean?

It means if you want to jibber-jabber, if you want to exchange social media, if you want to make friends, you should not use this page. We’re sorry, but this just isn’t something we can safely do at this time.

However, if you found a mistake on our website, an error, or you have an idea for a particular piece of equipment you would like to see reviewed then by all means, please let us know in the contact form below.

Contribute to the Cause

Additionally, outside of ideas and error resolution, you may also use the contact form below to send us articles you yourself have authored.

The topic must be related to surveillance and covert operations, but it the writing style can be anything from your own personal review of a tool you love, to your opinion on strategy, planning or execution of covert operations.

Essentially, we love this industry and we are happy to publish work from others who share our passion.

Keep in mind though, we are selective with what we publish, so we ask all submissions meet the ALL of the following requirements:

  1. Work Must Be 100% Original and Unpublished Elsewhere.
  2. Work must be long-form and detailed, exceeding 1,000 words in length.
  3. Work Must Be Genuine. No fakes. No Bull.
  4. Work Must Be Topical. It must fit into the theme of the site and topics covered.
  5. Work must be free of grammar and wording errors. We are not English teachers. We will trash poorly written garble.

If you tick these boxes then feel free to fill out the form and let us know about your idea!