License-To-Shoot is a site focusing on the thorough reviewing of equipment used in covert and spying operations.

Who We Are

Our team of writers are a diverse bunch. We’ve worked in various industries, public and private, across the globe, in varying capacities, in which we’ve developed (sometimes out of necessity) the need to understand the world of covert operations and surveillance.

In 2008 we decided to share our knowledge of the tools of the trade, initially with photography tech, as we focused primarily on spy cameras such as those made by famed German manufacturer Minox.

However, due to various external factors we weren’t able to pick up and really flesh out this website until late 2017.

Our Aim

As years pass we aim to continue to grow our database of recon and spy tech reviews and insight to become the most reliable, most comprehensive operator equipment database on the publicly searchable web.

Whether you are a hobbyst or a trained operator we cover the best of recon, self-defense, surveillance equipment currently on market for consumers.

Researching tools of the trade can be a nightmare and lead to thousands of hours spent pouring over various e-commerce sites without any real actionable intel on the tool being considered for purchase.

It is our aim to cut through the fog and provide direct and actionable information on everything from grappling hooks to binoculars to stash safes and hidden cameras.

License-To-Shoot is just an enthusiasts review site. We have no direct affiliate with any of the manufacturers reviewed, no do we claim to be the “last word” in spy gadgetry.

Our Ethos

We do however only review products we personally believe to be of solid reputation, solid quality and solid value for the end user/operator.

Being able to rely on your equipment in a time of need is of utmost importance. Apart from testimonials from fellow operators there is worryingly little insight into consumer-grade gear. We want to resolve that. We want to share equipment and tech we trust, that you can also depend on in times of need.

So please, enjoy our site and if there is a particular tech that you noticed we haven’t covered but are curious to learn more about, let us know via our contact page.

Thank you and welcome!

-License-To-Shoot Team